Karst-reflectUnparalleled power and flexibility built into a custom, tour ready case. A host of customisable output and capture options mean that the Hippotizer Karst can fit into many different roles. Featuring a total of 3 outputs, as well as dual control monitors, the Hippotizer Karst can drive the most demanding shows with ease. At only 2 rack units high, the Hippotizer Karst packs two HD-SDI outputs into a very small space while the third display port 1.2 connection offers the ability to drive very large resolution screens with just a single cable.


  • 1x Optional internal card (Capture or SMPTE)
  • 2 Removable Hard Drives using the STRATA Caddy system
  • Front mounted status LEDs
  • 2 x DVI or HD-SDI outputs
  • EDID management on all outputs
  • 1 x DisplayPort output for single cable 4K support
  • Stereo XLR Audio out with isolation and earth lift
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