Congress 2021 Live Online

The British Transplantation Society and NHSBT Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation have joined forces again for their Congress Live 2021 event.

Hosted at our studio the event was 6 months in the planning and included interactive plenary sessions, on-line parallel sessions and the facility to catch-up with content missed ‘on-demand’. There was also up to a 7-way panel discussion with participants around the world with some presenters at home, work or present in the studio.

Presenters with slide decks were able to control their slideshow from their own device, whilst we ran it for real from our studio. This enabled us to have backup computers in place, and meant there was no clunky screen sharing involved to display slides. Where needed, we could send presentation notes, and a countdown timer back to the presenter sat at home.

The client described it as a “Masterclass in Virtual Events”.

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